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carbon tax creates some warming of its own

The Gillard government’s carbon tax has, over the past few weeks, caused some warming of its own.

Mostly the heat generated by the carbon tax issue has been around the increased cost of living for families when it is implemented. The focus of the debate is of course on the government’s plan; the Coalition’s plan has flown mostly under the radar because it is at this point not being discussed as a reality in Parliament.

Annabel Crabb’s Tuesday article on The Drum website made an apt observation, namely that climate policy always seems to be fought on the enemy’s lawn; keep the focus on them and you will prosper. This is certainly the Coalition’s plan, and in a way it is successful. Read the rest of this entry

go and get fact!

I was in a discussion the other day about politics. My friend and part-time opponent utilised no actual policy criticisms, but rather simply referred to the leader of said party with a set of unflattering names.

Such name-calling was additionally supported by false accusations and misunderstandings about complex issues and historical trends.

Now, I’m quite aware that this story is ambiguous at best, and a straw man at worst. It would, of course, be quite rude and untrustworthy for me to divulge any more details.

Most of us have, I suspect, been in such a discussion though at some point. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a personal conversation, politicians blatantly lie all the time, like the Liberal Party here in NSW, Australia, who are claiming that the government’s proposed carbon tax will cost households $500 dollars annually – this figure is completely made up! (The tax, after all, has not even been formulated yet.)

I don’t really have a point here (I just want to get this off my chest), though perhaps it is a lesson for all that people should really stop lying when they argue politics, religion, science, or anything else.

Please give me, to the best of your ability and understanding, real facts and not rumours you heard off your friend the other day.

Please give me well thought out opinions, and not some drivel with words you don’t actually know the meaning of.

And please do not give me plain lies just to try and win an argument; you just look silly!

Rant complete.


it sucks to be a leader

My time working in a local church taught me that many people in contemporary Australia have little or no respect for leadership.

This is regardless of the quality or personality of such leaders. Church leadership is far too often seen as simply another consumptive item that can be thrown away whenever one has grown tired of it. I saw such attitudes replicated in both my church and many others.

This is not to say that leadership never makes mistakes, nor that it always deserves to retain its position; some leadership is poor and cruel. As I have said however the apparent distaste for leadership in many spheres of contemporary Christianity is seemingly indiscriminate.

Such a trend is not, of course, restricted to the Church in Australia. Christians seem to have inherited such an attitude from the world around them (it wouldn’t be the first time…).

We only need look at our political leaders to observe the way Australians are utterly disrespectful towards their national leadership Keep Reading…

big bawling baby backfires

Tony Abbott has surely demonstrated his inability to be Prime Minister in the last week or so.

Abbott, having made it clear that he would fight Labor on any and every policy decision, has already proven himself to be a giant baby – I’ll throw a policy tantrum until I am elected PM! If someone did that in my workplace I know what would happen to them…

So Abbott applies his big baby act to the issue of a flood levy on the tail of the worst flooding in Australia’s living memory. Whether you like or loathe the flood tax is not the point; the point is that Abbott has not opposed it for any other reason than a desire to sabotage Labor. Keep Reading…


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