On Saturday I went along to a protest looking to the end of mandatory detention for asylum seekers coming to Australia. While I am completely committed to the cause, I thought the protest was not well executed.

My friend Josh, who also came along, wrote about the issues with the protest over at his blog, Incoherent Ramblings (…of a Mad Man?) under the title “Idiots with Megaphones“.

I think he really nailed it with his article, and thus I won’t worry about doing something similar (do yourself a favour and read his post).

What I will leave you with though is the genius of Clarke and Dawe on the subject of immigration.


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  1. Haha, that video was genius, had me laughing the whole time!

  2. That video is absolutely brilliant!

  3. Go on YouTube and check out their channel – Clarke and Dawe. You could spend hours there…

    A friend posted this on my Facebook today –

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