the power of introverts

Below is a beautiful TED talk by Susan Cain about the power of introverts and their place in a changing society. Whether you are an introvert, or are an extrovert who wants to understand introverts better, have a look.

There is also a great article over at The Atlantic entitled “Caring for Your Introvert”. It is not new, but it is fantastic:


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  1. Didn’t have the bandwidth to enjoy the video but read the article. Thoroghly enjoyable article… particularly; “Our motto: “I’m okay, you’re okay—in small doses.””

    As an introvert, I was pleased to hear when I did the Myers Briggs at college, that a majority of pastors, as well as lecturers, were introverts, and, if male, sport beards… this, I am delighted to say, is something where I tick all the boxes!

    Thanks for the post


  2. I found this video really affirming, but challenging. Thanks for sharing Matt.

    One of the biggest things that i realised out of it is that Churches are set up predominately for extroverts and the best attendee’s are extrovert. And those who are a bit more reserved are nearly looked as problem cases. Or if you sit down in worship and dont sing, its like you need ‘help’! Its quite amusing really.

    Im glad that there is a recent desire to incorporate solitude and other introverted pathways of worship, without these we are missing out on so much!

    Thanks again for sharing.

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