imagining: the most revolutionary thing we can do

A few days ago I posted a song of mine, entitled “Imagining”, on the Art of Resistance website. I thought I would post it here also:

Here is the blurb I wrote about the song:

This song is a longing for a better, more beautiful world.

We live in a world of powerful myths that capture our imaginations and drown them under the chaotic waters of violence and domination. We are invited into something different, a flourishing for all in the kingdom of God. Yet our minds restrict us from fully entering into the beauty of this invitation – we cannot conceive of an alternative, for our imaginations lie dormant.

Musically, themes of imperial myth and violence are accompanied by a rigid, unrelenting, barbarous drum beat (listen to it on decent speakers to get the full effect) that is menacing yet hypnotic. Yet this power eventually surrenders to something gentle, something simple. Is it any different “out there”?

We need desperately to recover what Walter Brueggemann calls the prophetic imagination; the ability to evoke a consciousness and perception alternative to the dominant myths around us. There is a reason why totalitarian regimes are so afraid of artists – imagining is the most revolutionary thing we can do.

Hopefully this song is helpful or encouraging for a few people (in truth I just write and record music because I enjoy it, which probably explains why I am so slow with it).

Lastly, here are the lyrics in case my diction is bad and my lines can’t all be deciphered:

Take a look at the world we made here
See the affluent reach the next tier
Hear the cries of the poor,
they’re needing something more
Than a world alike

Fumbling through the way of the powers
Hear the sounds that they make get louder
With the past in our heads,
future in our hands
What fills our mind?

 It’s a beautiful world we’re imagining now
And the thing that we need is imagining now
What we get is what we see, when will we say
“It’s a beautiful world,” we’re imagining now?

Clear out from the path of the empire
See peace rule the world through gunfire
See our boys go to war,
they’re needing something more
For which to die

See the spoils of a war they fought for
Our god-given right to use more
Our trade isn’t free
when imperial sprees
Take one more life

It’s a beautiful world we’re imagining now
And the thing that we need is imagining
The most revolutionary thing is when we say
“It’s a beautiful world,” we’re imagining now



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